Registration and Transfers

The American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association operates a registry for purebred Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. As of July 2019 we have registered over 10,000 purebred sheep born in the US since the original importation.

Our preferred method of reporting all lambs is using the on-line registration system. The procedure is fairly simple but must be done in a specific order.

Use this link to access the system and log in with your member number and password.

ABWMSA OnLine Registration System

Once there please birth notify all your lambs, even those born dead so that we have accurate population data.

Please enter data in the following form:

Federal Tag is in format
Premises or Flock ID number/individual animal number/which ear/ color of tag.

Example: CODL01/282/R/O

Canadian tags do not include a premise or flock ID.

Farm tag is in format
Which ear/color of tag/individual animal number.

Example: L/W/117

Colors are abbreviated as follows:

BK   Black
B   Blue
BR   Brown
G   Green
GY   Grey
M   Metal
MI   Mint
O   Orange
P   Pink
PR Purple
R   Red
T   Tattoo
W   White
Y    Yellow

Colour Field is actually for UK Registration
Yes for UK registered ewes
UK Registration number for UK registered rams

Chocolate or White Welsh sheep should have their color indicated in the comment or note field.

The registrar will get a notification that there are lambs to be processed. The goal is to process all on-line items within 3-5 working days. The registrar will verify that all the information is accurate and then will process the births.

Once births have been processed you may then go back on-line and register any lambs you wish to.

Again, the registrar will process those registrations and send you the papers to the address we have on file.

You can pay directly for the registrations from the registration software using Paypal and that is the easiest for us.

If you do not wish to do your registration on-line you may also use the combined lambing report and the registration form. This spreadsheet contains columns for all the pertinent data.

Lamb Report and Registration Excel File

Lamb Report and Registration LibreOffice File

All lambs should be reported on this form. If a lamb is born dead put stillborn as the lamb name. If it has died put the date of death and cause of death in the lamb name. If you choose to register the lambs put a Y in the registration field, include the federal ID and all the other required data and please e-mail the form to the registrar @ for processing. The goal is to complete all e-mailed registrations and birth notifications within 1 month of receipt.

We prefer that you pay for registrations from either paper or e-mailed spreadsheets using the Paypal links here.

Purchase Membership, Registry, Transfers (with credit cards or Paypal).

If you do not wish to send in your data electronically you may always print a copy of the Lamb Report and Registration spreadsheet and mail it to the association address. To verify that I have received your items I will start cashing the checks for registration upon receipt of the paperwork. The goal is to complete all paper registrations within 3-4 months. Items sent in the spring always take a long time to get processed. You can send a check or use the paypal system to pay for registrations sent in on paper.

If you have any questions please contact the registrar.