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Purchasing Your Memberships, Registrations, Transfers, Flock Books

Purchase a Flock Book Volumes One and Two $50.00

Flock Book Volume 3 is sold out. We may offer a PDF version later this year.   
Purchase a Flock Book Volume Four $50.00

1 Year Membership Dues. $20.00

Donation to the ABWMSA
Register a Lamb born in 2021 or later who was NOT properly Birth Notified $5.00

Register a Lamb born in 2021or later who WAS properly Birth Notified $3.00

Register a Lamb Born in 2020 and earlier $10.00

Transfer a Sheep $5.00

Further instructions for registry and transfers:

    • You may pay for your lamb registrations or transfers of registered sheep via Paypal, then email your completed registration form via e-mail to  attention: Oogie McGuire
    • For transfers please send the registration certificate with the back filled out. A scanned and e-mailed copy is acceptable or you can send it by regular mail.
    • To register more than one lamb edit (in the PayPal Shopping Cart) the quantity to be the number of lambs you wish to register.

Additional Note: To be properly BIRTH NOTIFIED is when your lambing report for the year is filled-out accurately and completely. This will help our limited staff to catalog lambs faster as the need to contact you (the breeder) for additional/missing information is eliminated. When the report is sent in, you can choose to register a select few lambs of that year’s breeding group. Those lambs not selected at that time can be registered on a later date and receive a certificate of registration (registration papers). It is important to report all lambs that were birthed for the breeding year to the association as this protects the integrity of flock blood lines.

Please send questions  and comments to